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“Lessons online will never be the same as live lessons”

We have listened this sentence dozens of times. And it can be true in somehow, but with a lot of touches. The approach that we have to do with this challenge, has to have a different perspective.

We have to know the problems that these lessons have, and not try to fight with them, but adapt and live together with these problems. 21st century gives us a set of opportunities that decades ago were unthinkable, and we have to take advantage of this.

Lessons online offer more flexibility, and they are always worthwhile, in case the pupils live miles away from the teacher and  they cannot afford the travel expenses.

It is obvious that there are some aspects -like playing technical exercises together- that are difficult to do because of the little delay on the connection. Nevertheless, there are many issues like phrasing, breathing, intonation, tempi… Many concepts to work, that can be done with total attention and dedication.

A lot of teachers have been doing online lessons for years in the best conservatoires in Europe. One thing is clear, lessons online never have to be a substitute of in-person lessons, but a complement.

Another aspect to improve is the tutoring.
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