25 years of experience. Experience in some cases cannot be exciting. A priority is to have the capacity of investigate, to help yourself, but keeping the perception of reality and always having motivation. Then, it is exciting.

Specific objectives, reachable goals and work.

Professionals all over the world  support these concepts.

Do you want to try?

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A very knowlegeable, creative, responsible, professional and friendly professor in my heart

– Chung-Chieh Hsiao, Director Taiwan Hornworks Festival, Taipei Symphony Orchestra

Lessons & consultations

Durk 6

Hay algo que te preocupa? Puedes contactar directamente conmigo y te ayudaré a solucionar tus inquietudes. Contacta conmigo.

Acerca de donde estudiar, que material elegir o repertorio puedes consultar la sección “Estudiar” de mi pagina web.


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